An Explanation of the Origins


The ancient Games were held in honour of the Greek gods.

Our modern Olympiad is a period of four years which is associated with the Olympic games of classical Greece. The first Olympiad lasted from the summer of 776 BC to that of 772 BC. The games started in Olympia, in a sanctuary near the town of Elis.

During the 1000 years after those first official games in 776 BC, Greece came under the Roman rule. After the 293rd Olympics in 393 AD, the Roman emperor, Theodosius II declared that the games could no longer be held, and the Olympics ended.

It took 1,503 years for the Olympics to return. A Frenchman called Baron Pierre de Coubertin had an idea to bring the games back. He felt the international competition between amateur athletes would help nice, friendly relationships between people from other the countries.


About emanuelolympics

Year Nine Classics sets out to compare the Ancient Olympic Games with those to be held in London in 2012.
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